Job hunter is my portfolio.

My goal with this project was to prove my abilities, talent and passion as a creator (Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Letterer and Producer, or any of those fancy titles people throw around). All of this to create a One-Project-Portfolio, leaving behind all past design works and focusing on one thing: hunt for job. The idea was inspired by the wild west’s bounty hunters. I worked on the concept for a while and then developed all the graphics and art for production: the enamel pin, a bandana, a postcard and everything else that went into some packages I made and then sent to design agencies that I wanted to work with.

"The old west is too tough and the reward I plan to acquire is too big, even with my travels and experience; so I decided that to conquer my goal I should surround myself with the best people in the county, I had to nest my project and strengthen every single one of my creations alongside the DESIGN BRIGADE. A great gang of shooters that were willing to defend my ideas and fire their talent with guts from their trench to help me find my so desired reward."​​​​​​​

This project was made possible thanks to the Design Brigade (Abigail Peña, Ali Vera, Enrique Benavides, Gabriela C Walther & Humberto Mendez).

Photography: Gabriela C Walther

Creative Concept, Art Direction and Design: Adrian Orozco

If you'd like to have the SANTOS TYPEFACE you can go to my webpage and in the "CONTACT" section download it for free, don't forget to read the "ABOUT" section of the project written by Enrique Benavides.


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